About the Author

Early in his adult life, David worked his way through college as a firefighter/paramedic with the Dallas Fire Department and he began volunteering as a mission pilot and aircrew with the Air Force Auxiliary (CAP).  Later, his interest in boating led to a volunteer commitment with the Coast Guard Auxiliary where he served as a flotilla commander and coxswain.

During twenty-six years as a business analyst with a global IT services delivery company, David analyzed trends, ensured contract compliance, developed and taught IT delivery processes, and researched and wrote root cause analysis briefs for executives. He transitioned from the IT environment to blogging while he and his wife, Heather prepared for full time travel.

David and Heather started RVing in 2017 by renting class Cs and travel trailers a couple of times a year. They bought an Airstream in early 2021 and traveled about one week each month while collecting and fine-tuning the technology needed to work from the road. That done, they went full-time in early 2022.